Public interest in news and world events is fleeting, becoming scarce.*

A New Zealand independent TV station has concocted an ingenious plan to combat the public's lack of interest, and bring a large audience of young made adolescents and sweaty old paedophiles alike together, to finally cast off the cloud of ignorance and become suddenly in touch with the world around them.

The plan is: sexy naked young female anchors in their 20s.
A 4 week search program is on to find "the right person to front Naked News Flash." Applicants are asked to send in topless photos and previous experience.


Alas, if only I received NZ TV stations, or they hosted Naked News Flash here.

Then perhaps I would finally watch some news.

*Or at least, I might just be saying that because I never watch TV and hence never see the news.
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Yay, I live in NZ. Its on Alt TV, a music channel which actually plays decent music.



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IT's Been done! Yet it never gets old!
At least when the weathers on they dont have to tell you how cold it is!
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It would take me a while to notice that any news is being broadcast though...

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Pretty sure America did this a while ago, but oh well. It's the thought that counts I guess.
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You sick bastard.

Watch that video below

If this video reaches 1000 views before Christmas, I'll play with my titties on cam.

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tit's is tits.

also, link is about a naked police man...

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