Well im sure there are a million of these threads but this is what this section of the forum is all about right ?

Well as you can tell by the title im in need of a new amp.

Looking for something between 20 to 35w. My budget is about $500.

This would be my second amp. Replacement of my squier package that i have played for 2 years now. I feel i deserve a good amp as i have gotten quite good.

I play everything from Metal to Jazz and blues. Doesnt Everyone ?

But it doesnt matter if an amp has awesome OD's and really bad cleans. Im looking at buying some new pedals too.

So maybe you could suggest me a new amp that fits that inquiry and if it lacks somewhere in tone then maybe some pedal suggestions too..

Would be much appericiated.

Thanks UG, Yan Yan.

vox valvetronix are nice, and for watts your looking at, they cost about half of your price range, leaving you extra money for some pedals.
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I just bought at line 6 spider 120. Its got 120 watts and i'm very happy with it. With the amount u want to spend you can get the amp and the foot switch w/expression peddle. The presets are great.
i say a peavey valveking good cleans with a bright switch. the od channle is can get pretty heavy also with a boost to give you a punch.
i think its only about 500.
check it out.

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