Uttering A Demons Soliloquy

Soft spoken, the words of a fallen one
A nihilistic viewpoint, clouded by
Close minded abhorrence
An internal war, pinned against all that is the holy
The omega, the forever
Though thy will is attenuated
Taught to perceive divine words said true
From the mouth of another
Despite the presence of free will
Why lay down the life
To the creator of all
When you can challenge the storm
Ignore the Shepard call

Within thy self comes forth
The true mask of your character
Are you a servant?
Or a self righteous perfecter
A path chosen wisely, from the viewpoint of evil
Ignored are his blessings
Faith is ultimately dejected

Be your own spider, spin your own web
Do not take comfort
In words others have said
For this is a demons soliloquy, so heed my words...

"Do explain, my allegiance to a vengeful god
Whom sentences thy own creation to a
Pit void of love, only to carress thy flesh
With burning hot flames
And choke the soul
With sulfur fumes
It is I who take a stand, and make the claim
I will not serve a vengeful god, my loyalty lies
Within the prince of darkness, the true fallen one
For he teaches not only self perfection
But the will to improve
No strings attached, no lying down of thy soul
So it is in this prayer, spoken from the lips of a demon
I sever my tie to god
For it is better to rule in Hell
Then serve in Heaven.

Wrote this in about ten minutes, dunno what to make of it. Crit?
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