This is the review script for the 3rd UG video which will be on MTRs. I didnt know much about them before making this script and so I read Tweak's Guide which I'm sure shows though some haha
I will be putting the SC site in the credits.

I didn't see much attention of the stickied thread of this script in it so I thought I would postpone the recording to this weekend and get some comments on this script.

Please leave any comments for changes or anything you feel should be added before 3/28/2008 as I'm filming on the 29th of that month.

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Tomorrow is the final day to get any comments or changes in before I film.

I'm going to pick up the camera gear tomorrow and will be filming over the weekend.
A big change in this video will be video quality, I'm using the colleges' high end mini DV cameras...Canon XL1A

I'm also planning on going over to Guitar Center to see if I can get some B-Roll for the video...I'm sure they have plenty of MTRs over there and "you can never have enough B-Roll"...which beats having me stand in front of that white wall for the whole video...
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Sounds good, I can't really think of anything to add. Maybe talk about analogue a little more as it seems to be getting mentioned more and more around here? People don't always realise the extra equipment needed with analogue.
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Quote by fridge_raider
Sounds good, I can't really think of anything to add. Maybe talk about analogue a little more as it seems to be getting mentioned more and more around here? People don't always realise the extra equipment needed with analogue.

Yea I agree with that, I'll try to fit that in.

I could not get a camera...turns out two groups are making a large project this weekend so I'm going to have to wait a week...I guess thats good anyways, I have to work on editing the school project still.
Updates, I changed the script and added some more info on analog setups. I also started filming yesterday and have some gear layout shots in my PB page.


Some changes I will be making for this video:
  • Much better video camera - Canon XL1A MiniDV

  • Audio tweaks - gate, multi band EQ...to remove background noise

  • Audio backing tracks - yes I am doing some new, I'm trying some backing tracks for this video, it will make it more enjoyable to watch and keep your attention.

  • B-Roll, lots of it - I'm going to GuitarCenter either Monday or Thursday to take some video of the MTRs and most likley other things since I'm there haha

The main thoughts going though my head this time are:
1) Don't stay on the nice "white wall" scene for too long
2) Make it like a TV show - add B-Roll and audio

I'm really planning on doing my best on this video, I want to put it in my reel so when I start working for a job in the TV field I can get something nice.

This video will be under 10 minutes as well, the others give quite a bit of info but I feel they were a little too long looking back at them.
The changes sound good. The others were definitely informative, but maybe lacked a little in the entertainment department . This one sounds like it will turn out really good.
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I'm in a bit of a bind you guys...

Last week I went to a GC for the first time to take some video b-roll for the UG video and as soon as I walked in the door they said I could not film. I explained what it was for and tried to get around their policy but they would not let me do anything.

So I walked around and tried some nice gear but they didn't have much since its a small store, the better GC is too far away so I cant really go there and even so they will probably not let me record there anyways.

So I'm not sure what I'm going to do, Right now I have me reading the script in front of my DAW and at the white wall and I have images. I do have a new blue screen platform that I'm going t use in this video to put the MTRs on when talking about them. I did some tests and it looks a little flat but still fairly good.

I'm going to keep an eye out for locations where I can read the script so I can change up the shots more often but I am in the middle of a big production for school so I have to hold off on any work on the UG videos for now.

Oh I did forget one detail, After GC shot me down I went to a local store, Freehold Music. They let me film around the store but they don't have much...just drums and guitar gear mostly. They have high prices too so I don't go there much. So although theres nothing for me to use with that video I shot I do have it for any future videos I may make...
That sounds like a bit of a ballache, didn't think they would be so tight arsed about it.
There is poetry in despair.