im getting a new guitar soon and i want a les paul shape. The epiphone les paul custom and agile al-3100 caught my eye. which one is better? i play pretty much anythign so it would have to be versitile
The Agiles generally get good reviews, but not being able to play the instrument before purchasing it has always been a deterrent to me.

With the better wood, etc. being used on the new Epi Standards (can anyone confirm on the Custom?) as compared to the old Standards, I would be more inclined to head down to my local guitar shop to try out an Epi, find one that I like, and take it home with me.

As far as versatility though, you may not be looking for a Les Paul, since they are generally not the standard for versatility.
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If the wood has been upgraded in the Epis recently, the AL3100s are still 220 USD cheaper. Or has the LP Custom gone up in price? Last I knew it was 600. You could get NICE pups and a guitar of equal or better quality for the same price as the Epi.
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You might want to check out the Michael Kelly Patriots - better than either and cheaper than the Epi.

Out of the two I'd get the Agile and hotrod it.
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