I just got an 8800gt and it said nothing about needing an extra 6-pin power supply. I know most of the newer cards need the extra powers these days but it slipped my mind when buying the card.

Anyway, there's a little card here titled "Important tips & Techniques"
and it says "XFX does not support the use of 4-pin to 6-pin power cable converters"

So what the shizzle fizzuck! I didn't want to get a whole new PSU, the one I got is already 600W which is plenty, but it has no 6-pin connecter.

My question is, does anyone know if just using a cable converter will do anyway? Or will it cause problems?
well. 8800's need a huge amount of power (recommended 420w!)

EDIT: wait never mind. you can just buy and little clip that will allow you to turn one of those hard drive power clips to a 6 pin clip
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There's no way it couldn't be compatible.
Just get the Molex to 4/6 pin converter or whatever.
Who'd you buy it from?

XFX card, bought it from ebuyer.com

Like I said there's a piece of card in the box that shows "good and bad" connections.
It says not to use cable converters, and not to use splitters.
I bought the EVGA version of the 8800GT and it came with a 4 to 6 pin converter. Since they are basicly the same card I dont know why it wouldn't work.
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I have the xfx 8800GT as well and mine came with a converter. don't need it though b/c my power supply already has the right cable. the 8800GT is spectacular by the way, good purchase.