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Did anybody else get into this back in the day?

I didn't although today I was playing Beyblades with my cousin (who got a heap of them when they were popular). It was awesome fun and I am tempted to go by some, although I am afraid I am 4 years too late.

I think it's a pretty awesome concept, although unfortunately the success of such things is not judged by how good of an idea it is but whether people get into it or not and and unfortunately, I don't think Beyblade ever caught on, at least where I live anyway.


I had alot of them. Gave them away to a retarded kid when the fag ran out. or it just got old, w/e.

Black Dranzer = teh pwn.
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ahhh good times.

I still had a few though.
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I had them, and did anybody ever aim them at people?? or animals?

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I loved Beyblade I had this one I think

Let it rip

awww yeah, driger and ray.


Congrats, now ill be saying "Let it Rip", allllllllllll day.
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lol, yeah. After a few weeks of the craze I decided to get one. Bored me.
Even at age 11 I had enough sense to see they were a pointless waste of time. They were ridiculously gay.
Hell yeah haha they were awesome !
When i was 9 I couldn't afford the real beyblades so I had to buy ****ty take off ones from red dot hahaha
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Me and my frind got really into them. He actually ordered some from Japan I believe. But we fought with them all the time. I had Dranzer and Draciel, he had Dragoon and Driger. He mostly used Driger, and I mostly used Dranzer. Draciel and Dragoon were our back-ups. Ah, good times.
I bought some cheap one from the market where I live.
It had quite a bit of metal in it, and like destroyed my mates
Good times
my dad made me a ****ing arena for them

it was awesome

better than the official one, cause he made hills and traps and **** in it, i lived him forever for that
I remeber I used ot have this huge beyblade launcher thingy, and I had one I got for a present from Portugal. It launched them so fast I Powned everyone else. I DID IT 4 TEH LULZ.
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

I had some badass Red one, with double blades.

I shot it at my Dog and it ran a ****ing mile.

The Dog, that is.
Oh dear... i've spent about 60€ for those thingys.. and always it was sumthing wrong xD
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I was in year five or six when they came out, and refused to get into the fad because it was such a waste of money. I didn't like the show either. Every fucking lunchtime there'd be a huge crowd of people crowded round a table and cries of LET IT RIP!

Children are such conforming retards.
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Ah good times.

I had like 8, must have spent about £70 on them.

The special Dranzer was my main one, you could change it from assault to defense with this thing on the bottom. It ****ing pwned. Even had a cheapo Drigger remote control one too.

Think there under my bed somewhere, been there for like 5 years.
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You, my friend, win in epic proportions

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Man... now I gotta clean my laptop screen.

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^That has too much win for me to handle....
I think I need a glass of water and a nap.

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I can play the themetune, which means I get laid on a daily basis.

Yeah, by 8 year olds.
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Obviously we should play the UG theme.

My little brother used to buy those things when he was like 7.

Frankly, I think they're ****ing lame.
i was the dopey little kid with the normal tops. the ones where you wrap the string around it and let it spin.
then the cool kids with the beyblades would let it rip all over my little wooden piece of crap
Send me off to bed forevermore.
i laughed whenever i saw them, battling tops? i mean come on

to be fair tho, i was a fan of pokemon and digimon, and still am a fan of the games, and dbz =)
Beyblade is not old enough to be "back in the day".

I remember Beyblade getting popular a year or two after everyone had grown out of that kinda stuff.
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