I am in a 3-piece blues/rock band that is wanting to lay down some songs. we are all n00bs are recording on the computer and i haev been doing some research into with regards to our budget.

Lexicon Omega Desktop Recording Studio - any suggestions on this?

this seems to be an affordable option for 4 track recording and it comes with CubeBase software for $199. it appears we could record the drums using 4 tracks and then lay everything else down afterwards. has anyone used this or have any recommendations to similar products? also, does the software it comes with blow?

I keep hearing that CubeBase is very complicated to use for beginners, is this system compatible with other software?

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cubase is very difficult but also produces very professional sound as it gets right into it.. even though u are a beginer why not start with a great program... otherwise ur wasting money on cheap junk that dont do crap..

4 tracks is quiet little though.. u may want to look into at least an eight.. if u are planning on recording drums on a track individually
well, we were actually wanting to record everything at once to their own individual tracks... but if we needed to use the 4 mic inputs to record the drums one time, then go back and record, guitar, bass and vocals separately we could..... is it worth spending the extra 200-300 bucks for the 8 track, especially if it doesnt come with cubase?
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hmmm not if it doesnt come with cubase... but none the less if u are able to weasel the shop into it with cubase i would rather pitch the extra couple of hundred.. but none the less the way u guys wish to record wopuld still work so get the 4 track if ur not willing to pay.

its a good buy cause cubase is great

so just to recap cause i think i might be confusing lol

4 tracks with cubase is great

if u can get a good deal on the eight track with CUBASE then do it at ur wish
ok, that being said, how hard was it to get the intial settings on cubase set up? i hear that once that is done its a breeze, but that it took some time to do. also, if we are using shure sm57 and sm58 mics, will we need a preamp? also, do you recommend plugging the bass and guitar directly into the 1/4" input or running them through mics as well?

thanks again man!
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the 57 and 58 shouldnt need a pre amp.. there should be phantom power of the desk 48v. just check up on that

the program hsould come with a manual follow it but keeping in mind that u need to just adjust for u software and style some of the settings. but just tinker with it then she is a breeze

Im not a fan of plug in, because amplifiers create there own sound there fore being unique, also plug in makes the sound more muddy and doesnt produce the best quality
so mics would be the go. which is simple just place the mic directly infront of the amp and wulla lol
awesome man, thanks, ill definately let you hear some of our stuff once we get it all up and recorded... i have a feeling the drums will be the most difficult part (of course)
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Yeah they are
but just tinker with the EQUO, and COMPRESSOR controls to make them sound nice.

Have a listen to my Mp3s there only rough copies nothing special, just experimenting, the program that was used was an extreme cheap program, so imagine the power of cubase lol
yah, they sound good man, i heard one already..

also, just curious, but if we mic'ed the drums up really well and ran it through the PA, is it possible to then run the PA through the omega into one output? or is it better to just mic the drums with 4 mics and run them separately?
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the major difference is the amount of tracks obviously when the kit is all recorded as one. the mix wont sound that good as u cant isolate one instrument, and if there is something u want to fix up say on a snare the whole track is ruined and would have to be redone.

so the best way is to record them all onto seperate tracks, u can point out mistakes, u can mix individually (set EQ points and other MASTERING features). and if there is an error u can just redo that one part and it may work..

also try ask ur dealership if u can have a warranty and or/ a test week or something like that.. seeing that it is a major piece of equipment they may let u use it for a week to see if it does what u want and ETC ETC, so if u dont like it u can return it and no harm is done
musicians friend has a warranty for 90 days i believe... plus that whole kit is only 199 on there, which is a deal if u ask me.

in cubase can you use wireless headphones in the soundcard when recording say the guitar, to hear the drums taht were previously recorded while recording ur part?
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yeah i dont see why wireless should be a problem. but yes u can also MONITOR (thats what it is called) what ever u want to listen back to. u can choose if u wish to here ur guitar through the headphones as well so the MONITOR button is that.

also yeah ur right about the price lol
if u got any advice on settings once i get to taht point ur input is definately welcome man.....
our web page should be up in a week or two, my friend has other freelance sh!t that takes precedence, but here is the logo at least in case u care lol

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its a power trio... think stevie-ray & hendrix stuff... guitar player and drummer have been playing for like 30 years, both older than me, could be my dad actually (LOL), but they are both awesome.. singer/guitar player toured nationally and had some songs on teh radio in toronto in the 80's when he was opening for bands like FogHat and other crap <--- LOL
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yep no problem mate ill check out ur site. and if u have problems just ask me ill help out. all is good