Brand New Basically. 2-3 weeks old. Purchased from my pal Jason at DCGL.

Hate to sell it as it's a nice axe, but I need money. I'll spare you the story. Anyhow, this thing is dead mint. Not a nick, chip, nothing.

EMG's with coil tap. OFR tremelo. Little use as well. Guitar was 950 dollars.

Letting it go for 720 + shipping. I don't have case.

I'm a registered ebay member. Been on here for a few months. My ebay ID is knuckleslammer. I've sold many guitars on there. Member since 2003 with 100% + feedback. I don't sell crap and I don't rip people off. I'd expect the same from the buyer.

I would prefer to ship to US customers only. If I'm to ship overseas, I will box the guitar and go to the USPS and have it measured and the shipping cost estimated. US customers will get FEDEX shipping. Recently a Australian guy was contemplating buying a Fender I had. The shipping would have been around $400. So unless your familiar with shipping costs from the US, be prepared.

I'm a registered paypal user as well since 2003. Verified gold member or whatever you call it.
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Wow dude. free bump that thing is amazing! i've played the six string version. i would be all over this if i had the cash so free bump
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You know youre a guitar player when you try to match the pitch of your guitar with a vacuum cleaner...

...mine's a Bb by the way...

if i wanted a 7 string id so get this

anyway, free bump
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