I searched for a delays thread and i couldn't find one.

I think the delays is an awesome band. I've got their second album and have heard a lot of their first. Personally, i prefer the second so i think it's a bit weird (and very unfair) that everyone ignored their second album.

Anyway, i just wanted to know what your thoughts on the delays are.
geez, the Delays are that unloved here huh. Well I've ordered their third album, and it should be great.
They are^ lol But I think they have a pretty individual sound with Greg's falsetto.
I tried to get into them once but I just couldn't do it...I'm really not sure what it was.
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^probably because you thought it was a female singer haha
Well if it is that I can see why some people might be put off but I think it's nice and unique.
seen them a hell of a lot and they are an awesome live band....very very good!!! the thrid album is wicked and get the Ep love made visable, is awesome as well. playing four straight dates in southampton in dec!!!! get there!!!!
I've got Faded Seaside Glamour, but never realllly got into it. Though i must give kudos on his falsetto

I do however quite enjoy Hey Girl and Nearer than Heaven (i can see why they were the singles...)
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