anybody have any experience with these? how well can they withstand divebombs and such?
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i haven't tried them, but i'd assume, based on the price of the guitars and the esteem in which vigier are generally held, that they're going to be really good.

That's the best i've got, sorry.
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A high quality bone or graphite nut + locking tuners should hold up well with a tremolo...or so I've heard.
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Vigier trems are very stable indeed - the standard 2010 trem can be used and abused like a locking trem - only without the hassle. They are mounted on needles bearings which are impossible to wear and provide a very smooth feel - this is instead of the usual knife edges. They also have rollers on each string break point and the string is anchored close to the saddle - giving a rich, crunchy tone. The bridge and saddles are fully adjustable as you would expect, also the addition of a zero fret, special graphite / teflon nut and locking tuners all help keep the guitar stable, in tune and sounding great!