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Ramco i worship you and your awesome comment \m/
He found out that Minnie mouse cheating with his best friend, Goofy. Mickey wanted to confront Goofy, he was willing to kill him for what he had done, and was considering putting Minnie in the back of his car and driving her off a cliff. Though he knew he probably wouldnt be able to bring himself to do these things, he still boasted to Minnie that he would kill Goofy.

Mickey had the knife securely tied to his leg so Goofy wouldnt suspect anything, he didnt know Mickey knew yet. At least, Mickey thought Goofy didnt know that he knew yet. He knocked calmly on Goofys front door, to which Goofy answered leaning against the side of the door, toothbrush still in his hand. "Sorry Mickey, I'm all out of magic powder. I'm getting some super-de-duper stuff on thursday though. Really zippy-dee-doo-dah stuff."

Mickey struck, missed and tragically fell on his knife. Goofy, paranoid from all the magic powder freaked out and kicked Mickey in the head in a flurry of panic.

Mickey mouse is dead. Got kicked in the head.

Something like that I guess.
Well, it's probably either sex, drugs or rock n roll. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT ALL SONGS ARE ABOUT.

No exceptions.
Cos Mummy's got no money
And Daddy is in jail
He couldn't afford the license
She couldn't afford the bail
The kids out in the road
Their minds have all gone cold
Cos Mickey Mouse is dead

Poverty ruins people and forces kids to grow up too quickly.
I think it's pretty obvious it's about the sad day when Mickey Mouse got shot.
Not everyone can handle the streets.
peace & chemicals
Well, It has a lot to do with using Mickey Mouse as a metaphor for the disillusionment of entertainment when contrasted with reality. A lot of the song talks about how the kids woke up to a stark reality once they realized they didn't live in a Mickey Mouse fantasy world. People took entertainment too seriously, and well, taking anything too seriously never ends well.
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