Hey guys, I just recorded this song called Tapping Frenzy yesterday and was wondering if any of you guys could check it out and see what I should work on. It's uploaded in my profile. Feel free to check out any other songs too.
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Hey I said this once
Wow 20 plays today and no comments or suggestions. thanx guys........
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Hey I said this once
wow, I really loved it. very technical (or it sounds like it hah), yet it was still fluid and smooth. timing was great, I never really felt like the song jumped or did anything too unexpected where it interfered with the song's natural course. I think it could use a little something more though, maybe an added guitar? I'm not sure if there was a bass in it or not too.

It had a really nice calming tone and kind of oceanic at parts, I think it could've done better with an added guitar on clean with some effects of some type thrown in to that main riff (just chords perhaps)

I really liked it though, despite my bluntness.

Here's my thread on a song I wrote called "In Arms" that's in my profile as well. It's a near polar opposite to yours but... we could all use some change right?


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