I've finally got an acoustic guitar, and I played around with it a lot last night and I started playing stuff I usually wouldn't think about when playing my electric, and this is the result of my fumblings.

I recorded it first time, so there are mistakes, but I feel that makes the piece what it is. It's quite simple, but i means something to me, so be kind Apologies for the quality, my recording equipment isn't great.

hmmmmmm the intro is really gd, i cudnt play that let alon make it up, reminds me of pink floyd and get cape wear cape fly (prob havnt herd of them) the slow bit has a nice melody which is good and the bit at 1 20 the hammer on stuff sounds good and reminded me of snow by chilis, keep up the gd work.. i really like ur other songs btw

could you crit mine please http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=819871


The timing is very good and that is key (IMO) to a good song... I really like the acoustics but when you slow it down its a little bit boring (maybe add some overlay strumming panned to the sides) but I really like the upbeat picking pattern.... I def needs some vocals and some variety - add some more instruments too but good work over all

Crit mine?
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Yeah man I think I might do that ^ This first bit was just a sketch of a bigger picture, I hope.

I'll crit yours a bit later I'm out going out for a bit, I shan't forget.