Seriously. Go here http://parisbff.com/browse/search and search for my friend savageorge. Since he's pretty much the sickest kid ever, you guys should vote for him.

I'm actually really pumped on this b/c right now he's like number 44 with top votes, and he's 21 while a bunch of people on the top 44 aren't, so the underage kids won't even be considered when voting ends, thus making my friend george somewhere around top 20. Let's make this sh*t happen
he can suck my dick.

**** him and paris hilton and hillary swank and george lucas and alf.
Lol I hate mtv and paris hilton too, i'd just be so pumped for the most punk kid ever to get on national television and f*ck sh*t up
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i dare you to name one thing in history more punk than alf? he was on pogs ffs only the best of the best was on pogs
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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