So my family (grandparents ,aunts ect) went to florida for the march break my two moms and I stayed behind because they couldnt get time off from work

when we saw our family on eastersunday, they were all recovering from the flu
that they got in america

well thank you america now i have your stomach flu
and i must ****ing say its nothing like a canadian flu.

anyone got any remedies?
in this american stomach i have oreos, loaded baked potatoe pringles, ritz chips, oh wait..

i thought it said american stomach ftw.
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Ginger Ale always settles my stomach. Crackers etc stuff like that. Just gotta deal with it haha
I just drink lots of hot toddys or toddies or however you spell them. Those things are magical and always get rid of my flu. Plus I get to get drunk.. hell yeah.
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I must say sweetie, I live in canada too but:

bowl of hot, steaming water > put spicy herbs in the water > Close your eyes > towel over back of the head so no steam gets out. Leave for 10 - 20 minutes still.

Do not:
dunk your face in the water.
Hold your breath
Remove the towel.

EDIT: Oh wait, ****. Thats for a head cold.
You'll need a teddy bear, bed, hot soup/liquid and soda crackers.

go nuts. Call me :]
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Pft, Canadian pansies. It's just the flu, take some medicine and get back to work.
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Chicken noodle soup, DayQuil, and Sprite. Its a proven cure here, both of the flu and other diseases such as SARS.
We're only strays.
Nothin you can really do about it. As the superior race of human beings, we Americans have far more advanced immune systems and can deal more efficiently with stronger strands of the flu virus.
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Stomach flu means having diarrhea and vomitting, guys. It is NOT an actual flu strain, it's just a euphemism. Anyhow, I don't think eating food will help with that.

I'd just take some friggen Pepto, or something. Seriously, it's not that bad, as far as illnesses go.

Edit: +1 to Ginger Ale. Sprite or 7up too, if you can stand them.
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Two Moms?! Awesome?

me and you are the only ones who caught that... lol +1

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what i thought peta was people eating tasty animals
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two moms,eh, thats wierd, eh
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If you have two moms then..... Who wears the pants?

Yes we want to know!
Give it up with the two moms thing, fucking weirdos.
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me and you are the only ones who caught that... lol +1

No. Just most of us are grown up.
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well thank you america now i have your stomach flu
and i must ****ing say its nothing like a canadian flu.

I use ginger ale, myself.