what do you use?
i have the option of either
I.E, Firefox, A.O.L.... but none of them allow me to specific websites

any others fail in a way I can't comprehend.
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I use one called SeaMonkey at home, made by Mozilla, the FF people. it's probably the best browser I've ever used.
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any others fail in a way I can't comprehend.

hahahah so true.

Explorer tried to do the same thing... but explorer will always be explorer.

I dont know what you mean that Firefox doesn't allow you to visit some websites. For me, its the other way around. There are alot of websites that safari cant get to or display it properly.
Sometimes you have to disable the pop-up plug in. or add those websites to the "exceptions" list

I love the custom search. You can right lick on a word and "youtube it" or wikipedia, ebay, amazon, etc (idk if these options are available in other browsers.) At home i have a PC, and i feel firebox is safer.
Avant Browser.

So good...
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I find its a lot faster and more reliable than IE
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Firefox. I hate IE so much. It tried to copy Firefox and failed miserably.