These past few weeks i've been a lull

I've been doing a ton of theory, but it's so boring and I can only take so much. But I've only been learning songs that are familiar and mainstream. this past month it's been dani california and little wing, both are great songs but I want something different.

So if anyone can think of some funky bluesy rock songs let me know, i really wanna open up my tastes to something new!
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the band: ugly kid joe

same side

thats like rock with funk in it..

the rest of there songs are metal tho.. except the ballads.
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some jazz fusion? guthrie govan?
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Funk, blues, and rock all together.


in b4 "They're only known for "Two Princes"
This week I have mostly been listening to...

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As an additional remark, I would advise everybody to stfu and listen to Buz XD

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Funk, blues, and rock all together.


in b4 "They're only known for "Two Princes"

and little miss can't be wrong and refrigerator car and what time is it? :p
Bluesy rock?

Try the new Raconteurs album, it's great. Also check out The Black Keys.
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Try Albert King's Born Under A Bad Sign album, there's a lot of (rock-like) blues, and borderline funky stuff.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGDZgvB-oY0&feature=related (first song)
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some jazz fusion? guthrie govan?

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