Heres the deal guys, I recently purchased a Silvertone Revolver SG11 (link at bottom) from an aquaintance for 70 along with the stock amp. Its a real piece of work. The pick guard is gone most of the pots seem okay, but I'll probobly just end up repalcing those, the real issue I'm having is the pick-ups, its missing one. I only have two. So what would be the best option for me. Should I just try and scavange one from one of my buddies broken guitars or should I buy a whole new set? If so what and where and how much?
Cmon guys the knowledge is here.
new set...

theres no link so i cant see what it is..
apart from an sg

but you want gibson pickups..
they cost about

thats $200
i dunno how many you'd need though, is it the three pickuped one or two?
Guitar Fetish had a set of tree no name Strat pickups for $15, they may still have some.