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Ibanez MMM1 Mike Mushok Signature Baritone guitar
3 13%
LTD- EC 1000
15 65%
LTD- EC 500
1 4%
Fernandes Monterey Deluxe
1 4%
Other?? sugestions?
3 13%
Voters: 23.
I play metalcore / hardcore kind of music, on drop C and im thinking about going, drop B, drop A, but somehow i dont feel very confident about getting a 7 string

i actually have a gibson "the paul" its like a cheap les paul.
and i been playing for a while now, and im improving my rig. now im looking for a new guitar. but i have doubts about getting a baritone or not, getting active emgz or not. my budget its more and less 800$

these are the guitars im looking for or that i think they are good:

  • Ibanez MMM1 Mike mushok siganture baritone ( custom super 58 )
  • LTD EC-1000 ( active emg )
  • LTD EC-500 ( active emg )
  • Monterey Fernandes Deluxe ( JB )
  • Other ???

I dont like RGs, but if ya say a especific model i may look it up. ( cus a lot of ppl just say RG rock! but they are like lots of RG, not all of them, good )
if you want to play a lot in deep tunings like drop b, you should go for a baritone, i think this is the best for you then
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dude don't get a baritone. the long scale length makes it harder to play IMHO. it's even more difficult than a seven string.

get a 25.5" scale length guitar with a hard tail bridge and standard nut. buy some 12-56 strings and tune DOWN... it will be much better than a baritone, and easier for you to adjust to. I recommend the ESP/LTD MH series or perhaps one of the hardtail Ibanez RGs (the MTM1 is a great sounding and feeling guitar if you can get past the idiotic looks)
The EC-1000 would be an awesome choice. That's my recommendation.

But what amp do you have?
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jackson warrior, kellys, and dinkys are supposed to be pretty good for metal
but warriors wrxt are my thing my friend has one its great
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jackson warrior on the way in $400
I say that if you really want a baritone, get the Fernandes, but since I found the MMM1 really odd playing (nothing like any other ibanez I have ever played, and it's not in production anymore). If it were up to me, I'd say that if you wanna stick to a 6, buy a ESP hardtail, or Ibanez hardtail, through some heavy strings on it, set the intonation back so it works with those low tunings. If you wanna go baritone try it first because if you order off musiciansfriend or w/e, then you might regret it.