I play the acoustic guitar. I want to learn songs like Across the Universe or, for example, California Dreaming. But I want to find tabs of popular songs like these arranged for one guitar, usually classically. Another example, I love the Chet Atkins arrangement of Vincent; but I want more tabs like these. Whenever I find a tab that I just love, I become inspired and my playing really improves; without inspiration I don't feel myself improving.
Anyway, I am willing to spend money on either a book or a website. I would prefer a website with a huge database of tabs like these. Any recommendations? Also I know there are lots of books for Beatles songs arranged classically; does anyone have a favorite of these types of books?

classico by tenacios d, it may not be exactly what your looking for, but it is a medly of classical tunes on guitar but together. there is a song from motzart, beethoven, and i can't remember the other
i get inspired by some of the stuff on his site. (it's mainly simple stuff though.)
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Have you thought about trying some of the pieces by Bach transcripted for the guitar? I find them challenging and full of fantastic melodies.