this local band that im good friends asked me how and where to post an album for free so they can just give it to there fans. if you know a good site that would be good to post it on would be helpful thanks
i think you can put 6 tracks on Myspace and allow people to download it
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You could put it on rapidshare or megaupload.


Or, if you want streaming, Stage.FM provides 300 mb of storage space for bands and their music, and allows for music to be streamed and downloaded, and you can add as much or as little information about the songs as you want.
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panterarocker, those sites need direct links to the song album. While fans dont exactly want to copy CGSSxx44\4232fgffSStC\\+?3555 off a poster or something just to download it.

Emmure24, Definatly try www.dmusic.com. That way the band can even get rated.

EDIT: ^ Or that.
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