Heres my Ibanez RGT42BP which ive owned for about 4 years, bought from new. I still have the original Box.

Its been used very little over the past 2 years, being kept on its stand in a case in a waredrobe keeping it out of the sunlight and away from damage

Its had new strings that have been used very little since they were put on

Theres only one bit of damage on it around the 2nd tone control as shown in the last picture. Basically when practicing at 6-form I left the guitar ontop of my Amp and it slid off landing on its front on the control. this damaged abit of the bodywork around it, its however been repaired and works as new. I chose not to have a full respray on the guitar so it still shows slightly but is hardly noticable.

I took great care of the guitar, regularly polishing it and handling it carefully. Its never been dragged around gigs or used with a band. Just private use at college and home.

Comes with the stand, strap, wammy bar, tuner, picks, original box, gig bag and some leads


Cheers for reading


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