Speaking of that, what is a good fuzz? I want something versatile that can hit those classic sounds, but also get more modern sounds. Has to be under $100, so no Z-Vex stuff Already tried the DOD, the Ibanez, and MXR Blue Box. The Dod and the Ibanez sounded bland, and I wasn't fond of the overall tone of the Blue Box.

Right now my number one choice is a Duncan Tweak Fuzz. Seems pretty versatile, and Seymour makes some GREAT stuff. I was also thinking of a Fuzz Face, but was concerned about how it would handle modern stuff. Got of consider a Big Muff of course Basically, I want something that can go from "(I can't Get no) Satisfaction", to "Paranoid", to "White Room", to a modern sounding fuzz ("Computer Blue" by Prince or an ultra modern one like "Opticon" by Orgy) which is why I'm leaning towards the Seymour Duncan.

For what it's worth, the last, ultra fuzzy tone isn't too important to me, but it would be a nice bonus. Does GC normally stock Duncan pedals? We need to drop a car off for work, and GC is a hop and a skip away, so I would like to try before I buy..
Umm, good fuzz for under 100? Well, I'm not an expert actually, but from what I've heard...

Could you consider BYOC (Build Your Own Clone)? I'm not sure which one would suit you (there are multiple fuzzes), but they're usually pretty good and cheap since you have to build them yourself (or get a friend to do it). The thing is, I'm no expert, so I can't tell you if any of them are versatile enough for you.

On the other hand, I've read that most reissue/new fuzzes pretty much suck. Big muff is worth a shot if you like it, but if not, it might be a good idea to go used.
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Thought about BYOC. Problem is I don't really want anymore projects atm. I'm heavily considering the USA Big Muff or Little Big Muff but the issue with those is they apparently use an odd power supply hook up =\
I wouldn't worry about a power supply personally (mainly because I have separate power supplies for all my pedals except for the newest one). But of course it might matter to you. Muff's might be versatile tho, since I believe they're somewhere between a fuzz and a distortion.
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
I'm loving the double muff at the moment. Have a look at that. It gives me every type of fuzz I need. Its basically two muffs in one and so gives the option of one muff or two (two for twice the fuzz)
maybe look for a 2nd hand zvex?

other than that i can't think of any fuzzes i like particularly
I've really gone off my LBM lately, it sounds pretty harsh and toppy with the sustain up high and the lower gain settings are too muddy and wooly. Only really worth buying for modern stuff, really.
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Subdecay flying tomato, i rly love it
can be really nasty, cleans up beatifully, and very tweakable
Typical GC... no Duncan pedals actually in stock, and the only fuzz they had was the Big Muff. And the stupid Marshall MG it was going into was broken. What sucks is there aren't any other dealers here that sell Duncan pedals or EH stuff.

Part of me wants to just go "screw it" and buy used on fleabay or Gbase, but the other part of me wants to buy it from GC/MF to use their return policy... blarg.
The best pedal for under a $100 is definitely a muff.
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i dont like the tweak fuzz much and the ibanez sounded horrible when i used it. i think the big muff is your best option.
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i dont like the tweak fuzz much and the ibanez sounded horrible when i used it. i think the big muff is your best option.

What did you not like about it our of interest?
the tweak fuzz wasnt that bad but it was just a bit cold and brittle. one of the pedals i compared it to was the trex mudhoney which put the tweakfuzz to shame. only problem is the mudhoney is rather pricey. the ibanez was nothing but treble.
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