Ok i am very new to recording and my band wants to start getting our songs recorded. But I really don't know where to start. Do I record all of us at the same time or seperate or what? I really don't know. And what do I use to record it? Help would be very very appreciated.
your going to need some cash if you even want to start talking about recording....a DECENT recording at that....

start looking at some cheap mixers ie. behringer

instrument mics(sm57's, two nice stereo condensors for drum overheads, a good kick mic (a plus if you can use this for bass too=]), large diaphragm condensor for vocals...

theres lots of options and price ranges...tell us more like your budget, what kind of music, etc..
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I was in a band for a little bit, and I think that if you don't have top notch recording equipment the best way to do it is to do record your instruments one at a time (with that instrument plugged directly into the computer), and have the rest of your band play along so you get a sense of timing and you don't screw up. I've also found that using electric drums plugged directly into the computer can get some really nice sounds, instead of relying on some crappy mics near a real drum set.

So here's what I think you should do. If you play guitar or bass, either do a set up like this:

guitar -- (pedal) -- amp -line out- computer in

where the guitar goes into a pedal (or not), into the amp, then use the amp's speaker jack or line out jack into your computer's external sound card's line in or your computers microphone jack (in that case you'll need to use a 1/4" to 1/8" converter from radio shack or target, the recording quality will not be as good if you go into the mic input however)

or do a set up like this, which is what I did on the song in my profile called "in arms":

guitar -- pedal -- external sound card

this way I found that the quality wasn't messed up by the crappy acoustics in my room or anything. and, if I still had a band, they could play alongside me while I recorded myself, and their instruments wouldn't be recorded.

hope that helped
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If you want a quicky recording that will still likely impress your family and whatnot.Do like I do,I have 1 mic.I record the drums first,then layer bass over that,then guitar over the bass.All with Audacity and 1 mic.

Few Examples in my profile....Ignore the teen spirit one,It was recorded differently
i reckon, just go to a studio. if you look online, you can find nice cheap ones.
alot of musicians like to have their own studios, so if you know any, ask them, or ask them if they know antone with a studio.
its far better to record in a studio, and far cheaper.
studio at twenty quid an hour for seven hours, 140 quid.
cheap multitrack recorder, 160 quid,
microphone, 40 quid.

if you know your stuff really well, to record three songs youll only need six hours./
and trust me, you never get five songs done in a day. its wierd, but twice ive tried this, (im only a young teen) both times weve only got three songs done. print off the lyrics to the songs foir your vocalist, bring LOADS, of spare leads, now your stuff inside out back to front totally, so that everyone knows when the song ends, ad the different bits.
And remember, the best solos are not the quickest. even with metal.

i no that you want to record yourself, i did too, and its annoying that it makes less sense on a budget, but if the person who is mixing knows what theyre doing and has good equipment, youll come out sounding great.

and , never let the person mixing boss you around. dont bother about being polite, get what you want and apologise for being rude later.
Consider the studio route, and hopefully do enough concerts so you have around $1500 to spend, which can do semi-decent recording assuming a good environment.