I have a classical guitar that was made in Benidorm, Spain, which my grandfather bought for my mum in the late 60s or in the early 70s.

it sounds really nice but its been in his loft from the 70s until 2005, when he gave it to me, so it has a few scratches etc.

inside the body, when you look through the soundhole, there is a sticker which reads:

Delicado Utrilla
Guitarras, Bandurrias y Laudes de Artisania
Plz. de la Senoria, 5

does anyone know if it is worth anything, or is it just a bog standard classical guitar that happens to be 30-odd years old?
Does anyone remember laughter?

Manuel, please try to understand before one of us DIES.

my gear:

Gibson LP Standard
Epiphone SG
Classical guitar
Peavey ValveKing 112
Marshall MG15