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I kinda let this get away from me last I'm giving it another shot.

I swear, everyday there are at least five new threads about metal bands that really aren't very popular here, and not many people have heard of them. These threads get about ten replies, and then sink to the back of these forums, and hardly ever come back.

So there are less of those threads, here is one where you can post about not-so-popular metal bands without making an unecessary thread.

If you are going to post a band, tell the genre/subgenre, country the band is from, and a link of some sort (myspace/band home page).

Black Metal
Admatha (USA)
Artefact (France)
Bishop of Hexen (Israel)
Cryptic Death (Sweden_
Dark Forest (Canada)
Empyrean (Australia)
Encrimson'd (USA)
Falls of Rauros (USA)
Geasa (Ireland)
Kroda (Ukraine)
La Rameur de Chaines (France)
Love Lies Bleeding (France)
Ludicra (USA)
Lyfthrasyr (Germany)
Melechesh (Netherlands)
Morrigan (Germany)
Myrkgrav (Norway)
Ne Obliviscaris (Australia)
Noktiis Eterna (France)
Primal Dawn (Ireland)
Sothis (USA)
Temnozor (Russia)
The Legion (Sweden)
Urskumug (Latvia)
Walknut (Russia)
Wolves in the Throne Room (USA)

By The Sins Fell Angels (USA)
Fire Set Birth (USA)
Whitechapel (USA)

Doom Metal
De Profundis (United Kingdom)
Doomsword (Ireland)
How Like A Winter (Italy)
Imindain (United Kingdom)
Ocean (USA)
Om (USA)
Panthiest (United Kingdom)
Pod People (Australia)
Sleep (USA)
Springdusk (Sweden)
Uaral (Chile)
Vo Skorbyah (Russia)

Gothic Metal
Annatar (Netherlands)
Dakrya (Greece)

Zuckuss (USA)

Groove Metal
Regicide (USA)

After the Burial (USA)
Every Bridge Burned (USA)
It Prevails (USA)
Monday Massacre (United Kingdom)
Revenance (United Kingdom)
Silence Dies (United Kingdom)
The Ghost Inside (USA)
Whats Left Of Her (USA)

Post Metal
Jesu (United Kingdom)
Pelican (USA)
Red Sparowes (USA)
Rosetta (USA)

Power Metal
Engage (USA)
Mercenary (Denmark)
Steel Attack (Sweden)

Progressive Metal
Baroness (USA)
Black Harvest (USA)
Darkane (Sweden)
Farmakon (Finland)
Praetorian (Australia)
Tangaroa (United Kingdom)
The Black Mages (Japan)
Vanquish (USA)

Symphonic Metal
Dark Lunacy (Italy)

Technical Metal
Anomalous (USA)
Architects (United Kingdom)
Devolved (Australia)
Man Must Die (Scotland)
Twisted into Form (Norway)

Thrash Metal
Atrophy (USA)
Casket Garden (Hungary)
Deathrow (Germany)
Dew-Scented (Germany)
Exhumer (Germany)
Heresy (United Kingdom)
Hyades (Italy)
Nocturnal Breed (Norway)
Section VIII (Canada)
Shadowblade (Canada)
The No-mads (Poland)
Warbringer (USA)

No Classification
Irepress (USA)
Nest (Finland)
Scarve (France)
Sig:Ar:Tyr (Canada)
Swarm Theory (USA)
Tenhi (Finland)

If there are any dead links, incorrect links, spelling errors, bands in the wrong genre, or other problems, please let me know.
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Death Metal (Includes Melodic, Progressive, Brutal, Old School, etc.)
Aeveron (Germany)
Atrophia Red Sun (Poland)
Aurora (Denmark)
Behind The Scenery
Bereavement (USA)
Bitter Soil (Sweden)
Blood of Cain (USA)
Buried Dreams (Mexico)
Carcariass (France)
Crystalis (Sweden)
Dark Flood (Finland)
Darkness Remains (USA)
Dawn of Demise (Denmark)
Demonicon (USA)
Dies Irae (Poland)
Dissonant (Israel)
Distorted (Israel)
Dred (Australia)
Enmity (USA)
Erzebet (USA)
Ektomorf (Hungary)
Eucharist (Sweden)
Forgotten (Sweden)
Hymn for the Tortured (Guam)
Ikuinen Kaamos (Finland)
Ingested (United Kingdom)
Iuramentum (Germany)
Kenos (Italy)
Koldborn (Denmark)
Laethora (Sweden)
Melektaus (Chile)
Mercykill (USA)
Monotheist (USA)
Mo'tican (USA)
Neural Implosion (USA)
People Die (Australia)
Portal (Australia)
Pyrexia (USA)
Rake Sodomy (Canberra)
Rishathra (Australia)
Satariel (Sweden)
Senate (Canada)
Sins of Omission (Sweden)
Summon the Destroyer (USA)
Synastry (Canada)
The Arcane Order (Denmark)
This Hideous Strength (USA)
Underthreat (Colombia)
Unleashed (Sweden)
Warpath (Ireland)
With Faith or Flames (USA)
Woe of Tyrants (USA)
Wormed (Spain)
Wulfgar (Sweden)
Year of Desolation (USA)

If there are any dead links, incorrect links, spelling errors, bands in the wrong genre, or other problems, please let me know.
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To Do List
1. Seperate "Death Metal" into smaller categories.
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I got some harcore/metal bands
Revenance (UK)
Bleed from whithin (UK)
Every bridge burned (USA)
Tge r.i.p (UK)
Monday masacre (UK)
Whats left of her (USA)
Silence dies (UK)
It prevails (USA)
The ghost inside (USA)
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wow ive never heard of a single one of these bands. do you reckon you could recommend some good deathmetal/deathcore bands to me??
i hate to admit, that i only know ingested, casket garden and nocturnal breed of that list havnt even heard of the rest of them.
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Slayer should be on that list. They are not so popular around here.
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Xentrix? *shrugs* no one i know knows em : \

and Shadowblade is the only one off of that list i knew
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Ektomorf are quite well known, no¿¿¿ :S

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Xentrix? *shrugs* no one i know knows em : \

*eeeep* WRONG ANSWER! Shattered Existence is a fukking kickass album.


Theres others too, bu I'm too tired to list them. Their all thrash and split-up too. Except Exumer is going for reunion tour in 2009.
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Don't know how popular they are, but 3 Inches of Blood?

No one I know has ever head of em, sadly
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Don't know how popular they are, but 3 Inches of Blood?

No one I know has ever head of em, sadly

i have
Arsis (tech death metal) --> or are they considered known?

Decrepit Birth (tech death metal)
Blotted Science (prog death)
Martyr (tech death)

Hatchet (thrash metal)
Havok (thrash Metal)

all those might be considered known, but i will admit it took a lot of research and to talking with a lot of people for me to finally find them.


Psypheria (death metal/tech death metal)

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