So...... its guitar hero.... but without the game....?
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thats really cute give him a big hug for us.
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I was just saw a kid with one the other day, they're pretty cool. A bit annoying but if I was a kid I'd love to have one. Although most of the kids that get those probably don't go on to play real guitar...
I may be wrong though
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it's a neat idea for a youngster to at least give them a taste of guitar, having some frets and such, pretty cool idea. Maybe when he's a little older (lets say 7 lol) he'll want a real one, so I like it. Congrats.
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And for that price I'd buy one for myself. Easier and safer to take with you and still make some music.
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Cool for a kid, not cool seeing videos of teenagers "shredding" on youtube
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Sort of like that. Imagine only having an A string on your guitar (or maybe A & D and do power chords) ... you can do alot with just one string. The guitar will show you how to play 12 songs too, ex. Smoke on the Water, Ace of Spades, Wild Thing.

But my 4 year old just likes to shred on it.

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So...... its guitar hero.... but without the game....?
for under 8's, any older is just sad, you never know, one day he might want to play real guitar

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I'm 36 and I'm having a blast playing it. Best $20 guitar I've ever played. rofl.

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for under 8's, any older is just sad, you never know, one day he might want to play real guitar
Jimi Hendrix started on one string....

This isn't a terrible idea.
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