I am getting a new guitar to replace my crappy starter pack Ibanez but all the guitars a I am interested in have Jumbo or Extra-Jumbo frets.

I have heard some people say that they had to re-learn everything when swithching from medium to jumbo frets. Does it really make that much of a difference?
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I find jumbo to be to large.

I have an Ibanez RG with jumbo, and a Carvin with Medium-Jumbo, and I
find the later more comfortable.
Because jumbo/XJ frets are higher and wider, you may have to get accustomed to using less force when fretting notes, just to avoid pulling the note sharp. That shouldn't be a major issue, though - I went from medium (maybe medium-jumbo? not sure) frets on my old Squier Bullet to jumbo frets on my two current guitars, and didn't notice much of a difference after the first day or two.
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I'm used to XJjumbo frets and when playing on a guitar with medium frets I definatly notice a difference and my playing will be less good. Just try out the guitars you might wanna buy.
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A lot of it has to do with touching the fretboard. Some people depend on a certain degree of tactile sensation when touching the fretboard and going to different frets throws their whole system out of whack.
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It never effects me after I'm playing the guitar for a few minutes.
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No. I had a Starter Fender Strat Squire and it had medium frets. I got a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra this past Christmas and it has Jumbo-frets. You do not have to relearn anything. Its actually funer to have Jumbo-frets because you can make higher pitch sounds.
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I find jumbo to be to large.

I have an Ibanez RG with jumbo, and a Carvin with Medium-Jumbo, and I
find the later more comfortable.

No, really? Jumbo=large. I don't mean to be a smartass, but it's necessary here. Anyway TS, to figure out the difference, play a gibson/epiphone next to a Fender at a music store, as that's the easiest way to tell the difference.
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if your planning on getting a guitar with frets bigger than you currently own test it out to see if they feel good
if they don't it's not like your obligated to buy the guitar
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