I have 400 to spend on an acoustic. I had a friend break my old one and is now just paid me back for it. That and with the money i have saved leaves me with 400 to spend. I would like a cutaway but would that take away from the sound? I have looked around and really don't know what good quality brands. Any suggestions?
my first guitar was an art and lutherie for like $350 bucks....it may even be made by the same people as seagel or whatever....for a first guitar in that range it was really good....if i were you i would google stuff on "acoustic guitar $400 price range" and you'll find some good stuff.

i would encourage you to buy a second hand guitar on ebay. you can get a great deal. just make sure you play the guitar in the stores first and figure out which one u want...then buy that on ebay. you can probably find a guitar that retails new for 400 bucks on ebay for <300

I would look for a used Blueridge BR-140 or an Epiphone Masterbilt used. They generally are around $500 but both are solid wood and have great sound and tone. Hard to beat for the money. You won't find a decent cutaway that isn't laminate in this price range.