Hi! So I've got a ESP Ltd KH-203 electric guitar. The problem is that when my tone knob is on the clearest sound I get easily feedback when turning the amp up a bit higher... does anyone know what the reason could be?
I've been thinking on changing the pickups anyway, but just got curious what the problem could be.
And another thing... (probably a stupid question but) It is possible to change the floyd-rose to another bridge right? And will it cost me much to have e pro change them?

The above links gives a pretty good explanation of a mod known as 'potting'.

Could be that your pickups are 'leaking' so to speak in that there is a gap somewhere in the mechanics of the pickup that is letting extra frequencies in that shouldn't be, hence the feedback. Potting will try to fix these gaps. Feedback can occur from other electronic devices like lights, radios, televisions, etc...

NOTE! Be sure your pickups are capable of being potted, i've seen some pickups get a trashy sound from being potted.