i want to get a wah but i dont really know anything about wahs... my guitarcenter only has a slash and wylde wah on display... neither of wich i would acturaly want... searching on youtube i found a comparison of a crybaby vox and a budwah.. the budwah seemed to take the cake...

what do you think?

Edit: and how bout the weeping demon?
If its not fender than whatever]
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Budwahs are great wahs, and Budda makes amazing stuff. I love my guitar teacher's. Very quiet when working, smooth sounding, and it's true bypass. A bit pricey, but they are excellent pedals.
The WD has little sweep range and only works fair on metal tones...just my opinion...

budwah is a great wah pedal, not too harsh in the highs, not too muddy at the low and great range/tone.

I would go with the budwah