Hello everyone ,

Im a new guitarist whos mostly into melo death / thrash stuff. I need an intermediate guitar within $450 USD price range , but can tweak the price to about $480 maximum . I need a guitar that wont be much of a pain when putting up fast paced solos / rpgos / legatos and i need a decent tremolo with it . After going through alot of guitars, i came up with the last two guitars which are BC Rich Kerry King V and Dean ML Noir XT ; both the guitars feature more or less all the things i need in a guitar with killer looks, I basically need some expert reviews on the guitar if they would be suitable for my style or if there are any other guitars which you would recommend .

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erm forgot to mention , i need a bridge pickup and a neck pickup , thru time i will be installing better humbuckers like 81/85 in my guitar...
wait for a sale at guitar center i saw the mls going for 250 bucks.
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got one more guitar in mind : Ibanez S470 ... if any of you have played any one of these , please let me know ur view on these guitars