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Upgrade amp somehow
6 50%
Upgrade pickups somehow
3 25%
Upgrade something else somehow
2 17%
Spend my money another way somehow
1 8%
Voters: 12.
sorry for yet another valveking question, but ive searched valveking and looked thorught the first 5 pages, and cant find anything similar to my question, so here it is:

Ive just had my birthday, and i got a peavey valveking 2 X 12!!! (well half a one, i had to put £160 towards it
and from aunties and uncles and grandmas and grandads etc, ive got about £70 as well (pretty good birthday tbh )
and my question is this:
should i either:
upgrade the amp somehow, with some speakers, wich ive noticed quite a few people do
buy some nice pickups for my guitar (ive got a ibanez s520 wich i spent years saving for, and i love it to pieces, but ive been told the stock inf1 and 2 arent that great.
find some other way to upgrade my gear
or, just save my money or spend it on something completely different?
thanks for your help!
Peavey Valveking 212

Ibanez S520EX in grey
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Well... what do you think about your tone? How does it need improving?
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i dont know to be honest, i know id like a really good tone, but doesnt everyone? i just dont know what difference those different things would do
Peavey Valveking 212

Ibanez S520EX in grey
if people are saying the pups aren't good, it dosen't mean they aren't, if you are happy with the tone then leave it, tone is one of those things that you will never reach an answer on, like god, we are all searchers on the tone quest, of everyone, i think hendrix got furthest.

but seriously, if you like the tone then leave it, play through some other amps, if you don't like the tone, then change the pups, if it just sounds crap through your amp, do some speakers or something.

Or you could buy a zvex fuzz factory and a gig-fx mega wah, they are always good

If you are happy with your tone you could always just send money to a person who is still in need of good tone (ME!)... I have to make 1000 bucks to get this amp... and around 1300 for guitar FX... and than another 2k towards another vintage SG...
The Most common mods for the VK are new speakers and tubes. JJs and Tung-Sols for the tubes and i personally like the Celestion G12t-75, but Emenince makes great speakers too. Like the Man o War and Texas Heat.
yeh ok i dont want to mess with my guitar, its too precious
but im thinking about moddin the VK, do speakers or tubes make the biggest difference?
Peavey Valveking 212

Ibanez S520EX in grey
A speaker swap in a VK is a breath of fresh air. I swapped my stock speaker out for a Vintage 30 and now I love my tone (well almost). Just make sure you buy the right ohmage, like I didn't.
Based only on what I've read here:

The speaker change makes the biggest single difference on the VK, followed by a tube change, then pick-ups.

The problem is "better tone" is in the ear of the beholder. If you are happy with your current tone no modifications are necessary. Otherwise, search for sound clips of the speakers, tubes and pickups you are interested in on the web. That'll give you an idea of how your tone will be effected, but it won't be exact.