I have an ibanez s370 with three pickups and the center pickup is a single coil. I recently played some guitars at a shop and they seemed to pick up note sounds much better. The pickups on my ibanez are just stock ibanez's. I want to buy some new pickups that are much better in picking up note sounds, without running a bunch of batteries

Another quick note, my playing style is mostly thrash metal/metal, but i like to throw classic rock in alot

i also need an idea on a good single coil for the center

Gimmie some ideas!!!
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thrash metal. alright.
lets see my jackson came with duncan distortion PU and they are pretty cool for thrash EMG's 81 and 85 are good too but those are active and youll need batteries. maybe a dimebucker?
for thrash I'd recomend dimarzio evolutions, d sonics, or the X2N. For a real biting sound I'd recomend EMG 81 for the bridge and an 85 for the neck. You do need 1 9v battery for the pickups but it would fit easy in an S models cavity though.
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Have you tried raising your pickups closer to the bridge?

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I assume you mean the JB, which I'm pretty sure doesn't mean "Jeff Beck" - although he does use them.

In any event, I don't really think the JB suits his playing styles.
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I have EMGs in my S470 and they sound greatl, plus the battery fits int he cavity pretty nicely so they don't need any extra routing. If you're going for all out non-stop distortion then use 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck, but if you want cleans then use the 60 in the neck.
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If you want all-out metal crunch and output, then maybe DiMarzio X2N bridge/Tone Zone S middle/Evo neck.

If you want something thicker and with a little more versatility, then DiMarzio Breed bridge/Tone Zone S middle/Seymour Duncan '59 neck.

If you want actives, then my personal choice would be EMG 81/EMG SA/EMG 60, or SD Blackout/EMG SA/SD Blackout. (Don't believe SD makes single coil Blackouts yet.)
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