Hey people.

I currently own a Epiphone Les Paul. I've been playing for about 4 years now. I've recently started putting some effort in and starting learning some more technical stuff like Protest The Hero and other shredding like that. I currently feel that I need a new guitar, the Les Paul just doesn't work for me and the stlye of music I want to play, secondly a pickup has gone and i'd rather pay for a new guitar than a repair.

I've been looking around at some Ibanez but the guitar market to me is a bit of a mystery. I'm about to go to uni later this year so if I spend over about £500 people will be pissed with me. Any suggestions on what i should be looking at buying? Also anyone know what guitars Tim and Luke play in PTH?

Thanks for any advice.
Shredding for under £500? You'd be looking at the Ibanez S470/S520 or some Jacksons in that price range.
The Jacksons come stock with SD or EMG pickups and you have a choice of different body shapes, finishes and trem/ hard tail, whereas the Ibanezs all have the ZR trem (Which is great), only one body shape to choose from, mediocre pickups and I think 2 different finshes for each one.
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+1 to the ibanez s

ltd mh400 & 1000 are also great guitars in your price range with what you want
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