My buddy is looking to get a new guitar and I've only been playing for a little while. I have an agile al 2000 and a roland micro cube and i would recommend him to at least start with the same, but i saw this on musicians friend.


The guitar itself is sold for 287 dollars on the site and I know it was 250 when i was looking at it in the store. Would this be an okay buy seeing as you get the amp and other goodies with it? Or would I be a bad friend for recommending it?
Yep, I'd recommend that. That is a really good amp - I have one myself.
That's actually a pretty decent pack, considering it comes with a tube amp. I'd buy the agile and the VJ personally.
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yeah Id buy it, your only paying like $50 for the guitar if you count in the orginal price of the amp.

any other combination with that amp and another guitar will be more... plus the amp is wayyy better than anything else he'll start out with and is definitely worth it.

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definatel worth it.i've got one of these and it'sbrilliant. my guitar teacher says he prefers it to a gibson studio. you might want to get new pickups though, coz they get a bit muddy after a few gigs. i got a set of seymour duncan distortions for about $200 from thomann. sounds brilliant. so yeah, i'd reccomend it
Yeah, ive been so impressed with the value Ive ended up buying 2 of them, first was £235 3-4 years back, and another early Feb for £150. Im left handed, sure enough they need a pick up and tuners swap out but in that price range, there good. And that packs makes the value even better.
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