Ok i just got the battery plug clippy thing today and 2 new 9V`s, i`m pretty sure i know how to do it, i just want to make sure LOL, i`d cry if i fried my EMG`s, and does it make any differents to the wiring if you have the PA2 gain booster in the guitar too?

and yes i gotta moddify the cavity just alittle bit to fit the other 9V

i just hope all this is gonna be worth it like everyone says it is.

thanks for the help.
to do the mod, all you have to do is cut the black wire going to the jack (leave some slack) attatch the black wire from the new clip to the wire on the jack and solder them together. now take the red from the new clip and attatch it to the black from the old clip, solder and you are done. The pa2 shouldn't be effected negatively. Just clearer and more headroom.
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Wire in a second battery clip in series with the first one (red + 9V leads from all the pickups to red+9V lead of the first battery clip, black lead of first battery clip to red lead of second battery clip, black lead of second battery clip to ring terminal of output jack).

^ Taken from some guy on another forum lol.
I have a Randy Rhoads with it and a Dean Vendetta 3.0 with it and I love it!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
I did it the less permanent way and it works great. Get 3 9v adapters and just wire them red to black until you basically have a circle of 3 9v connectors. Then plug in 2 9Vs and plug the 3rd connector to the connector in the guitar.
HAHA WOW!!!, ya cheapest and best upgrade man.... the gain is crazy with the 18V mod and everything just feels tighter, almost feels and sounds like there more low end too with palm muting... thats with the PA2 OFF

PA2 ON!!! OMFG.... no gain issues LOL... i love my Warlock and Marshall even more, i may only need the PA2 just for leads now.

So anyone reading this and your thinking about doing the mod to your EMG`s... stop thinking about it, it cost me about $5 bucks to do it and if your havin gain issues with your amp, try the 18 V mod.... my axe with the PA2 and the 18V mod breaths fire now
Just filling everyone in. Changing to 18v's makes an big difference in the voicing, sound quality, and headroom that EMGs can provide. It basically un chokes the Emgs's and gets rid of that signature sound and turns it into a pickup with a lot more character and the added headroom feels like its added gain but it just the un choking of the pickup so its fuller.

Just thought i would let people know before they went out thinking this was a gain replacment.

Also he is correct its a cheap mod and is worth every penny. I setup mine on a 9v 18v switch so its like having 4 different pickups in my guitar. Very versatile...
ibanez psycho: would u mind telling me how u did the 9v 18v switch set up? cheers