Please help me to find the tab for "Voodoo Chile" performed my Hendrix! And yes, it's not "voodoo child" I mean, but "voodoo chilE".
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its the same ive had it in my playlist in the both ways.
Maybe your looking the NOT SLIGHT RETURN version of 15 minutes?

Well voodoo chile and voodoo child are very different, it's not the same song.
Yes, it's 15 minutes long, du you have any tabs for it? Would appreciate that
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sorry man i dont.ive looked for them but havent found any, and i dont remeber the real name cause when i serch for vodoo chile i get vodoo child tabs.This happens to you to am I right?

Yep, same problem. It's either that or voodoo shile by steve vaughan, which is also a different song.. Tried to tab it myself, but it is too difficult for me :/