I just wanted to know...if anybody out there knows what kind of equipment Jade Puget of the band AFI uses,(anything from picks to amps), but i already know he uses a Gibson Les Paul Studio, and Marshall amps, anything else than that would be cool.

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why would you wanna copy somebody all the way down to what picks they use?

I don't! I'm just sort of bored and wondering.
I really just want to know what kind of foot pedal he uses...just like the brand.
because you see, i'm still learning about guitars and equipment...
and i heard a live show the other day, and i LOVE the sound, i don't want to
copy him, i just wanted to get an idea.
there, that better???

I know he uses Gibson guitars: Les Paul Studios and SG Specials mainly. Amp-wise, I think he uses a Marshall JCM900 stack.
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I read in an interview that he uses Les Paul Studios, although he used Standards earlier in AFI's Courier, but thought they were too heavey. He also said that he uses modified Marshall 'Plexis' for dirty sounds, but Roland JC-120 Jazz Choruses for cleans.
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Well, for picks, he uses Jim Dunlop, and he uses D'Addario strings.

He mainly uses the modified Plexis, and he "thinks" it's called the Billy Joel mod.

I've also seen him use the Boss Chromatic tuner, in case that interests you. I have no idea if he uses the Boss line though for effects.
D'addario have him on there web site and also tell you what gauge he uses if thats any help something like 11-52 or something
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Gibson SG and mostly Les Pauls, and Marshall Plexis.

For effects, he has a chorus, delay, flanger, overdrive. There could be more.

EDIT: he also has a phaser
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He's got a Gibson LP Studio, and a Plexi with the "Billie Joe" mod.

as for his studio tone, it's mixed with 30/70 Dual Recto/Plexi or something like that (could be 20/80 as well). So getting his tone down exactly isn't going to be easy.