I need your opinions here, guys.

Basically, yesterday, I wasn't able to take my guitar to band practice, so the singer decided to bring his guitar as it would be unfair for the rhythm guitarist to bring two, and the singer had a Firebird studio. It played well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but one thing struck my mind. How is it in the long-term?

In July, I'm getting a guitar. Either a Ibanez RG350EX/DEX, Fender MIM Tele or this. I'm edging towards this, but I need to know, is this guitar versatile, and does the finish wear down easy, etc.

My friend has had one for about a month and a half now and yeah, the finish has started to show serious wear on it. But only around parts like where your leg rests, around the cut away and areas around the scratch guard. As far as versitality goes i'd say its alright, but i dont know if it could handle everything. Id stick to classic rock, blues or punk with it. My friend's has a really weak sound but it could just be the stock pickups though it has a decent sound. Id much rather have a MIM Tele than this, but only because i think they're kinda ugly =P
How would you think this would suit things such as Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Thin Lizzy and generally 80's rock/metal?