I've wrote a lot of songs over the years, some friends say I'm an awesome songwriter, I can just never get my words put to melody and rhythm. Just imagine THE Red Jumpsuit Apparatus singing this. I'm not sure what to call this song but I like it. If you can put tabs to this song, feel free to use it. I chose not to end with a traditional 3rd chorus but more of an ending like "Everyday Combat" by LostProphets.

Not to scale
It loves you this much
It won't prevail
But it wishes you luck
Do you know its me
Who wanted you to see?
Can you solve the riddle inside?
Contorted and sleep deprived.
The riddle____ sonnet
!Sleep on it!


There's not one thing
That comes between me
Except you and I
And this feeling
I said I could I try
You said I could dream
Bubbling Empathy
Bursting at the seams!

Lowered___ Expectations__
Will you think about this song?
No___ Relations_
But just what's wrong?
With me and you
Back to back and a
No say, Go away basis!

2nd Chorus

Now I know I didn't rhyme
At the end of that second verse___
Because at that time
I was buying my hearse
And I really don't care
Because at the end of Chorus 2___
I became all prepared
Of getting over you!

(Possible room for solo)

There's not one thing
That comes between me
(Repeat 3 more times as background vocals)

No more! (Lead)

There's not one thing
That comes between me
(Repeat 7 more times as background vocals)

(Lead singer just does his thing)

In the time it took to break away
I'm glad I have you to blame
For never was a story of more woe__
Than YOU!