how do people get a signature at the bottom of every post?? do they have to retype it all or is there a setting or something in the profile screen to add stuff to it?
Hi yao151!

There's a thread stickied at the top of this forum that explains that and a whole lot more.

Important: New Members FAQ

Read the part about control panel and signatures. It will tell you all you probably need to know. But if you have any trouble, just come back to this thread, and tell us what part you don't understand.

There's good information in there that will help you customize your look on UG.

You should make it a habit to read the stickied threads, especially any rule thread in each of the forums you visit on UG. That will make your time here even more productive.

Good luck,
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I've been here a while but not on a whole lot, how do I put a picture in my signature? I want to put a Beavis and Butt-head one in it from a site.... please help, thanks
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images other than UG's smileys are not able to be placed in signatures.
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