Well the band im in only consists of me, a drummer, and a singer. No bass. What would be the best plan of action towards this, for instance what is the most effective method for soloing?
Groovy bassline and drums.

Look at Pantera.
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A little bit of delay can help, too.

Edit: But get a bass player.
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Delay and an EQ pedal. What kind of music are you guys looking to play?
we cant really get a bass player, and we dont really care, because i dont play much in the way of riffs, just a lot of chord/melody stuff (note: by chord melody, i mean stuff like hendrix, where he plays a chord, then embellishes, type of thing) i was just wonderng, for future reference, so tips for this stuff. for solos ive mostly been keeping with playing a chord underneath, then after the chord has been established, play around with a lead lick type idea.
tell the singer to pick up a bass. give him a very intensive crash course in bass playing. he doesnt have to be Ryan martinie, but just so you you guys can have a bass rythem.

Best advice, have the singer learn bass.
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