Poll: Wich one is the sexiest?
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13 13%
Jackson 3+3
23 23%
18 18%
14 14%
Dean 6 inline
4 4%
13 13%
9 9%
Flying V
5 5%
Voters: 99.
Does it have to be from one of those choices?

If so, I love the Jackson 3+3 but think the BC Rich Warlock headstocks are full of win.

LTD or Jackson

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The Devil
ESP are so awesome
the right angle
not to far not to little

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of these, the jackson 3+3

but the jackson/charvel, caparison, and musicman 4+2's own pretty much every headstock ever.
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Jackson 3+3 no doubt.
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no PRS?!!! bull**** thats an amazing headstock

but if i had to choose one of those... mmm.. dean inline 6
Yeah thats a dificult choice. The headstocks with lined tuners can be reverse. The esp/ltd reverse would look great. The gibson ones are correct because the body is from 2 gibsons. This poll might be wrong because the fretboard has simples dot inlays and isn't bound.

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PLEASE VOTE on this poll. I want a distinct winner.
^Body from two Gibbers? No way. That's SG horns and a bevelled King V ass.

BTW, I voted RAN. The 3+3 Jackson looks way out of place om most guitars, including this one.
3+3 followed either by 6 in line esp or jackson

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I vote devil, followed by the Jackson 3+3
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Aw ****, I chose RAN when I wanted to pick the Devil one

Well, yeah, it's a tie between those two. You can go for keeping the tail shape and continuing on that or continuing the horns. But the Warlock head would also complete the shape.
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i love the dean 6 in line but not on this guitar im gonna have to go with ESP or jackson on this oen.
I'm pretty torn between Jackson 3+3 and Jackson 6 inline. Both would look great but I voted for the 6 inline.
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Either the Gibson or the ESP.

But the Gibson does it better for me.
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