So, I'm looking for gear to blow another $20+ on so I can get free shipping on my midi interface, and I thought I'd check out cables. I never realized how many options there are. Some are cheap but noisy, some are more expensive and have a lifetime warranty/gold plated connectors, etc.

Does anyone have any cable recommendations? Best cable for the price?

Also, I've always used a 10 footer from my guitar to my effects chain, which has always been too short to move around much at shows. Any advice as to how long to get?

Thanks in advance.
planet waves curcuit breaker
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i use planet waves 20ft and it has a lifetime warrenty as long as you keep the receit and i think it was around $45
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planet waves curcuit breaker

i got one USED and it's by far the best cable i've ever played through. It's incredible. 20 footer i think?
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