Eh, I think its prolly a bad habit, but I strum accurate and normal, but think it'll kill my speed strumming later on?

Like I want to be able to play the cocaine fury part of Stream by Tim Reynolds

Part of it was I broke my wrist in a car-accident and had to have it rebuilt with plates, wires and screws and ****. Actually rebroke my wrist about 3 weeks into recovery from trying to play guitar, then just kept playing in a cast that restricted my wrist from moving so strummed with my arm...this gonna kill my speed later on?
I thought it was actually better to strum more with your arm on rythm parts.

But on lead I think most use their wrists.

I don't know what it will do to your speed though.
It might affect your speed, but tim reynolds uses plenty of arm in that video.
You should probably find a good median between the two.
I also strum more with my arm, but just when i have a pick on my hand...

If not i think it's 50% writs 50% arm

but probably yes, it's better to use your wrist it has more flexibility

and wow, Tim Reynolds, crazy guy, never heard of him, going to try to learn kashimir the way he does!
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Yea he's an insane beast at acoustic, he basically discovered Dave Mathews. My friend back home listened to that about three times and played it prolly 95% correct just by ear...the man is nuts, and is gonna be a Chem Major. Lol, he's a fool, crazy talented and hardly plays anymore.
no.. he's not using that much arm in that video... that's what it should look like.

is you use mostly arm, your endurance wont be very long(moving the whole mass of your arm is actually quite a lot of work), especially at higher speeds. that's why i use quite a bit more wrist than arm.
For slow strumming I would use my arm but for picking indiuidual strings or chugging I use my wrist