What are some blues song i should learn from these two guys. I don't want it to be too hard but i want it to sound very cool and very bluesy!
Um, try listening to them and see what you want to learn? Texas Flood? Crossroads? Pride and Joy? Before You Accuse Me? (wow, funny thing is, none of those are originally by SRV or Clapton). If your familiar with both artists, why not just listen to them and find what you want to learn? All of those songs I listed are very different sounding, but all blues. Give them all a listen!
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Clapton - "I shot the sheriff" and "Cocaine", "Knockin On Heavens Door" actually those are all covers but ya... more blusey stuff would be "Crossroads" "Sunshine of your Love", "Have you ever loved a woman" all good jams.

Good luck
man i don't want to be mean but that's kind of a dumb question. what do YOU want to learn? are you not familiar with their stuff at all??

just youtube both of them and see what you find
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