We are a five piece rock band from North Devon and we are currently recording some demo tracks on our 4 track recorder. I have uploaded 2 of them to our profile for your listening pleasure.
Really just wondering what people think of them.

The Other, Other, Other North Devon Rock Band
Bit of an update.
We had to get rid of our singer because he never turned up to practice and our lead guitarist became our singer.
I think we sound better now though so all is good. We are in the process of currently recording new tracks on our 4 track, but in the mean time weve put some very rough copies on our profile just to see what everyone thinks*.
All feed back is welcome.

*, we know that the sound qulity isnt great but we recorded them in a tin shed through a microphone that cost no more than £4.99 hang from a piece of hose in the middle of the room.
The Other, Other, Other North Devon Rock Band