i have a peavey valveking 112. i'm looking for a cab to hook it up to. their are mainly two reasons i want a cab for the amp. 1: the speakers in the amp are pretty bad and getting a cabinet with better speakers would spread the sound, make it sound a little louder, and have better quality. 2: its embarassing playing on stage with this little amp while others are going on stage with tons of cabs everywhere. I'm looking for a cheap cab. and i mean very cheap. maybe $150 tops. their are always used cabinets at guitarcenter.com that go for aroud 100. i think i might pick one up. Whats your take on this?
The speakers in a ****ty cab will be less quality than a stock VK speaker. Just figured I would let ya know.
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Pretty much any $150 cab you get is going to either be equal to the speakers in your VK or worse.

Save more money or put a new speaker in your combo if you're really that unhappy with it.
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for 100, i can get an mg cab or a b52 lg412 cab, or for 150, i can get an old "bullfrog" cab. bullfrog was bought out by fender. or for 175, i can get a behringer bg412s cab.